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We can’t wait to show you great new changes soon!

We’re on a mission.

The Yuma Multiversity Campus is a collaborative organization, bridging higher education, industry, and prospective talent to provide the means to achieve the skilled careers of today and the future.

Our vision is not a mirage.

A community with advanced education that matches the needs of regional employers achieves increased wage potential, lower unemployment and underemployment, increased sustainability and a thriving population.

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We Seek to advance equity.

Equity is central to Yuma Multiversity’s purpose: to inspire and support increased higher education attainment, within and across sectors, to make the Greater Yuma region better for everyone.  The Yuma Multiversity is about place — a region of four states, Baja Norte, Imperial County, Sonora, and Yuma County as well as two Native nations. Our region’s future will be defined by how well every person in it does — at home, in school, at work and in the community. This region’s future, therefore, depends on higher education institutions and systems that work well for all people.

Fresh Talent

Yuma County’s median age is lower than the state and nation. Higher education success will produce skilled talent available for decades.

Better Outcomes

Working with existing world-class institutions, YMVC will provide opportunities to achieve higher wage and benefit careers.

Direct Engagement

YMVC will connect current employers with prospective talent and higher education to inspire career paths and increased degree completion.

Yuma’s strategic location on the Colorado River provides
a great foundation for higher education and economic development.

What is Yuma Multiversity?

Young Adults

For Greater Yuma’s younger and rapidly growing population, YMVC provides a urban educational environment providing skill training to access high-wage and benefit careers through degree completion.

Working with the finest college and universities, YMVC will provide a walkable, bikeable urban site for prospective talent to achieve academic success.

Yuma serves as a shopping, education, and sophisticated medical care hub for
a population of over 2 million people based in Mexicali, San Luis, El Centro, and the Imperial Valley.

Location, Location, Location

YMVC’s strategic location offers incredible access to national and international institutions of higher learning and employers. Yuma’s economy will grow as more primary employers locate here to hire a highly-skilled talent.

The $3.2 Billion/year agribusiness industry forms the foundation of Yuma County
which supplies America with 80% of its winter, leafy vegetables.
Due to investment in innovation and automation,
more agriculture jobs are providing high tech careers.

Why Yuma?

Yuma Population Chart

Our growth outpaces the United States.

Yuma is growing at over twice the nation’s growth rate. Many parts of America are suffering decline. Our growing population will become a highly-skilled and growing population.

Yuma Age Chart

Our median age is lower than the United States.

Our developing skilled workforce will be available longer. Yuma County has:

  • 18.3% more people under 5. 
  • 12.6% more people under 18. 
  • Median age 12% lower than United States.
Greater Yuma is home to two of America’s key military installations, U.S. Army Proving Ground,
a premier ground and weapons testing facility and Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.

Why Now?

Because it didn’t happen before now. Yuma County has grown much faster than its higher education infrastructure.

Due to limited local degree paths, many are forced to leave Greater Yuma in order to achieve advanced career paths. YMVC will help students achieve more career paths here and accumulate less student debt by staying closer to home.

Recent surveys by GYEDC reveal 68% of workforce are considered middle-aged. It is important to grow skills to replace these workers as they retire.

COVID-19 has caused a drag on higher learning, especially with lower income students. Increasing leaving local access to higher education can help students in Greater Yuma save money and complete their education.

Greater Yuma employers will be more dependent upon locally-sourced skilled talent to reduce turnover.

Bordering four states and two countries, Yuma is a natural transportation
hub with over 52 million consumers within a one-day truck haul.

What’s in it for me?










Our Economic Development efforts are focused on a green future, with programs designed to
stimulate new investments in manufacturing and of renewable energy companies,
including solar, wind, biofuel, geothermal and other renewable technologies.

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The Yuma Multiversity Campus is a collaborative organization, bridging higher education, industry, and prospective talent to provide the means to achieve the skilled careers of today and the future.

Yuma Multiversity Campus Corporation
3624 S. 39th Drive, Yuma, AZ 85365
(928) 580-5714
[email protected]

    Greater Yuma’s limitless clean air, sunshine, and unlimited ceiling create
    the perfect environment for pilot training at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.